Best practices in governance for start-ups

E verything you need to set up as founders of startup from early stage to ease decision-making and comply with governance obligations.

Tips and tricks to comply with your legal obligations and also to take the best of collegial discussion within your Board of Directors and General Assembly of shareholders. Which is the recommended frequency of meeting ? What should be the regular agenda ? How should the Board be composed of ? How to write relevant minutes ? What are performance indicators - financial and non financial - that should be discussed ? How decisions should be ratified ? What are financial triggers to carefully measure to avoid thresholds of alarm bell procedure ?


Best Practices


Efficient Board of Directors - Top 5 tips

Ensuring adequate governance of your startup should not take you days and weeks. Fail to plan, plan to fail.

Training programme can be adapted to your shareholder agreement. Let's talk about it !

Shareholders when investing in pre-seed, seed or series A phases in start-ups often impose special clauses in terms of reporting, power of signatures, special rights of Directors within the Board during the first years, relution clauses according to performance milestones reached or not reached by the founders team. 

Taking these specificities into consideration from the start not only increases the confidence of shareholders in management team but also streamlines corporate governance management and avoid duplicated work while making your best to execute the business plan as presented during fund raising phase.