How to set up a scalable governance ?

S calable governance is necessary to anticipate accelerated growth of any company further to successive fund roundings and/or a series of mergers and acquisitions. Predefined processus, templates, annual calendar and roles and responsibilities foster cultural change necessary to move from "a band of friends" company to a successful scale-up.

When non-executive shareholders invest in a company, it often requires : annual planning of Board meetings and important committees, presence of Independent Directors, secured centralisation of documents used for company administration, standardised reporting - both financial, commercial and operational - to support decision-making at Board meetings. Gov&Go platform simplifies the implementation of these new procedures.



Follow up

Planning & Follow-up

Gov&Go Almanach supports you in organising important governance meeting on an annual basis, a retro-planning based on closing date for accounts and due date for publishing financial statements. Topics to integrate a minima :

Embedding governance in your day-to-day business

In addition to on-line wizard and content articles included on Gov&Go platform, we propose to scale-ups a series of materials to adopt a stepped approach within the company : webinars, training sessions and “how to” checklist, etc.

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss how we could best support you in this next phase of your business growth.