While the fear and then the ban on meetings hit all Belgians hard from the middle of March 2020, Frédéric de Bueger had already identified a little earlier the concern that this could cause for companies’ general meetings.

This article published in Trends, April 2021, by Christophe Charlot, explains how Digital-Meeting, the first pillar of Gov&Go suite, has been developed in 2 months-time in Brussels to support all types of legal entities in Belgium in holding General Assemblies in these troubled times of COVID. Therefore, allowing shareholders to be informed and take adequate decisions in collaboration with Boards of Directors to pursue activities of their respective companies.

“I hadn’t imagined a pandemic like the one we’re in but contact with my daughter in Australia at the time made me aware of a certain tension and fear of gathering that was emerging.


As GAs have been a part of my daily life for the last 20 years or so, I immediately thought that this fear might cause a participation deficit.” Fred de Bueger

In order to further boost business through best-in-class corporate governance, Gov&Go works in close collaboration with sectoral professional associations, VBO-FEB, BECI, lawyers, seasoned directors in Belgium and in Europe.