W hile digitalisation is on the rise, Digital-Meeting, first pillar of Gov&Go solution, offers companies to organise legal-proof remote General Assemblies. In less than 1 year, the start-up launched in March 2020, in the middle of COVID pandemic, has organised more than 100 General assemblies for companies, quoted and non quoted, ASBL, AISBL in Belgium.

Farah Salli, journalist for CanalZ interviewed Fred de Bueger on the topics of online corporate governance and added-value features of Digital-Meeting, the first pillar of Gov&Go suite solution.

After 12 months, more than 5.000 shareholders took part to our online General Assemblies. Our solution brings 4 major benefits to companies, ASBL and cooperatives :

  • 30% time saving for preparation and follow-up,
  • 20% increase of participation rate,
  • 20% reduction of meeting duration,
  • Significant environmental impact reduction.

No travelling, no paper.  

The platform has been developed based on Belgian regulation but is currently integrating other regulations to support international companies. Languages supported by the platform are French, Dutch and English.