Boost your business with efficient Boards and shareholder meetings

Stop wasting time on boardroom and general meeting paperwork!

Our solution brings together efficiency, compliance and impact on your business.

Easy to use and Scalable

Easy to use and Scalable

Centralise management of your boards, shareholders and strategic meetings in a few clicks. Ensure decisions are signed according to voting rights and best practices in governance. Get notified on actions to follow up.
Compliant and Complete

Compliant and Complete

Get access to templates of agenda and minutes validated by a first-class law firm. Never miss a legal deadline nor a compliance dimension, according to the legal form of your company or association.
Seamless and Secure

Seamless and Secure

Onboard board members and shareholders easily, guided step by step. Access to important documents in Permanent file. Secure storage and control of access rights on the platform.

What if we stopped tinkering ?

Your job is not to keep the papers for your boards or general meetings.

You are not supposed to sign minutes of Boards or General Meetings weeks after that decisions had been taken.

What you look for is to ensure adequate decisions for the success of the company you have been appointed to.

Whether you act as business owners, CEO, CFO, board directors, shareholders or as Secretary-General, effortless and reliable governance solution is key to your responsibilities.

GOV&GO experts

Powering decision by fluid governance

Discover, Explore the Solution

40% of time spent in board administration can be saved thanks to Gov&Go. Planning, following-up, voting and signing made easy.

Access best practices from experts

Gov&Go templates are developed in close collaboration with experts in law, governance and recognised CXO's.

Ensure efficient follow-up of decisions

Gov&Go Almanach and task management ensure an optimal organisation and follow up of governance bodies.

Reach out GovBoosters for support

GovBoosters are a network of seasoned professionals combining experience in management of boards, legal, finance, scaling issues.


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